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The Sunapee Historical Society has items that make terrific gifts for anyone interested in Sunapee.

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NEW for 2023

History - Islanders - Island Life
by Barbara Bache Chalmers
The history and stories of Lake Sunapee's 16 islands are told from the colonial era to present day. Maps, historic and current photos make the histories of island saloons, bowling alleys, fishing camps, cottages, and islanders come alive.
$25.00 each

NEW for 2023

50th Anniversary
48 cards with 144 questions and answers
organized in Easy - Harder - Hardest challenge games.
$15.00 per set
To commemorate the Sunapee Historical Society's 50th Anniversary
Thank you for supporting the Sunapee Historical Society!


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Sunapee's Historic Buildings & Places,
Volume 1 - Updated - Volume 2 - Volume 3
by Barbara Bache Chalmers

$45.00 each

Trace Sunapee's history through its buildings and places from 1768, when
England's King George granted land, to present day.  An intricate web of family
ties emerges through the history of the town's land, shaped by economic forces that moved farmers from outlying areas into four villages that formed
around grist and sawmills.

**  For the information added to Volume 1 in the third edition, CLICK HERE.
Take Home A Souvenir:
Early Photographers of Lake Sunapee
by Paul Rheingold


Thanks to the early professional photographers who came along with early visitors,
we know a lot more about our town and lakeshore development 100-150 years ago than we otherwise would. This lovely book provides samples of their work and much biographical information.

Lake Sunapee
by Paul Rheingold


Paul brings his history of Lake Sunapee to life
using old postcards to give us a view of life at the lake long ago.
Published by Arcadia Publishing in their Postcard History Series.

The History of the Lake Sunapee Regattas
Part One - 1892 to 1922
This book chronicals the first 30 years of Lake Sunapee’s iconic multi-day summer celebration of water sports competitions, sailboat races, motor boat races and the Grand Illumination.  This 114 page book includes 95 photographs and documents over 800 participants, 60 sailboats and 190 motorboats.  Biographical sketches bring to life many of its key organizers and competitors.

Part Two – 1923 to 1957 & Other Summer Celebrations
This book covers the Regattas held from 1923 to 1957, the Lake Sunapee Marathon Swim Race, Lake Grange Fair & Parades of the 1940s-1950s, Miss Lake Sunapee Beauty Contests, origin of the Lake Sunapee Water Ski School, history of the lake yacht clubs, summer kids camps and much more.  This 180+ page book includes an informative data base of the lake’s sailboats and speedboats, many biographical sketches, and about 200 photos that bring this important era in the lake’s history to life.


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The Loon Island Lighthouse in gold plated solid brass with white, blue and green enameled highlights 3.25″ high x 1.75″ wide x 3mm thick Gift box & card providing
the history of the Loon Island Lighthouse included.

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For 2018 - our town's 250th anniversary year - we chose to celebrate the water
power provided by the Sugar River that enabled industry to thrive in Sunapee
during the 19th and early 20th centuries and still provides some hydro power
to supplement the town's budget.

Gold plated solid brass with white, red, blue and green
enameled highlights - 3" in diameter. Gift box and card
providing the history of water power in Sunapee included.

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The Lady Woodsum was the Woodsum Company's first steamboat on Lake Sunapee.  She ran from 1876 to 1912 and could carry 75 people.  After being buried in 1912 and resurrected and restored in 1963, the engine now resides at our harbor museum and is an important artifact of Lake Sunapee's golden age of steamboating.

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Lakes of New England
Part One:  Sunapee


Reprint of an 1896 lake tour publication including
many photos of the lake, cottages, hotels,
steamboats and the surrounding area.

Wild Goose Waters from Above  


Detailed aerial photos of the area taken by
Babe Sargent and his father in 1949-50.
A “coffee-table” sized book.

Remembering Woodbine Cottage


Histories, memories, photos
and recipes from a beloved restaurant.

Tales of an "Old Time Yankee"


Carroll Leone remembers life in Sunapee
many years ago, in photos.

Bicentennial  1768 - 1968


Compiled in 1968 with articles about Sunapee’s history.

Henry Phipps Goes Skiing & The Wild Goose DVD


Classic comedies starring Babe Sargent
Produced by Bruce Cronin.

from the Granite State
by Henry Fitts


Reflections on country living by a long-time resident.

The Story of Sunapee


A reprint of Governor Bartlett’s 1941 history of the town.

by J. P. Fahey


A history of N.H.’s 12th Regiment in the Civil War,
based on foot soldiers’ personal accounts
and memoirs written by the author’s great grandfather.
Of 1,000 who mustered in, only 100 returned.
Sunapee was not represented in the 12th Regiment,
but their experiences were similar.

Pocket Histories

Vol 1 - Passenger Boats of Lake Sunapee &
Vol 2 -
Lake Sunapee Water Ski School

$5.00 each

A series of small books each explaining a unique aspect
of Sunapee's history. Watch for more titles in 2022.

Sunapee Trail Maps

$2.50 each - set of 8 $18.00

A series of 8 one-page maps of hiking trails in Sunapee, each
giving the history of the land and printed on water-proof paper.