Sunapee Cemetaries

Graves dating from 1800

Georges Mills Cemetery, Main St
Old Eastman Cemetery, East side of North Road
New Eastman Cemetery, West side of North Road
Lower Village Cemetery, Lower Main Street at North Road
Colby Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, just south of Dexter’s Inn
Cooper Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, behind #324
Crowther Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, just north of Dexter’s Inn
South Sunapee Cemetery, Harding Hill Road.

Sunapee Families

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A        Abbott, Alexander, Almeder, Angell
B        Bailey, Baird, Baker, Bartlett, Batchelder, Blaisdell, Boyce, Burke, Buswell
C       Chandler, Chase, Clough, Coffin, Colby, Colcord, Collins, Cooper, Cowles, Cross,             Crowther
D       Dana, Davis, Dewey, Domina, Dudley
E        Eastman
F        Felch, Fisher, Fitch, Flanders
G       Gage, Gamsby, Gardner, George, Goss, Graves
H       Halsey, Harding, Haven, Hill, Holmes, Hopkins, Howard, Huntoon, Hurd
I-J     Ingalls
K        Knowlton

L         Lear
M       Maxfield, McCrillis, Monroe, Morgan, Morse, Muzzey
N        Norris, Nutting
O        Osborne
P-Q    Perkins, Pike, Powell, Purington, Putney
R         Remington, Richards, Robertson, Roby, Rogers, Roper, Rowell, Runals, Russell
S         Sargent, Sawyer, Scott, Sisco, Slade, Smith, Stickney, Stocker, Sturoc
T-V     Trow, Turner, Tyler
W        Wackerhagen, Wayburn, Welsh, Wendell, Whitney, Woodbury, Woodsum,             Woodward
X-Z     Yardley, Young