Collection Categories

An indexing of collections found in the Sunapee Archives

A - H

  • A
  • Abbott Library
  • Aerosmith
  • Aqua Car
  • Agriculture
        Agricultural Census 1870
        Maple Sugaring
  • Archeology
  • Aviation
  • Ausbon Sargent
  • B
  • Bandstand - Gazebo
  • Banks
        Bank East (Sugar River Savings)
        Lake Sunapee Bank
  • Bears' Den
  • Bicentennial - USA
  • Blodgetts Landing
  • Boats
        Boat Parades
              Mountain Maid
             Nancy Jane
        Power Boats
             Tour Boats
             Sargent's WWII Destroyer
             Brutal Beast
              Armenia White
              Edmund Burke - Wenona
              Lady Woodsum
         Lady Woodsum Engine
         Landings - Blodgetts
         Landings - Burkehaven
         Landings - George's Mills
         Landings - Lakeside
         Landings - Newbury
         Landings - Sunapee Harbor
         Lake Sun Steamboat Co.
         Woodsum Misc. Photos
         Woodsum Co. Crews
         Woodsum Co. General
         Woodsum Co. Papers & Stock
         Woodsum Co. Timetables & Tickets
  • Boston Post Cane
  • Burkehaven
         Burkehaven Woods Assoc.
  • C
  • Camps
         Camp Sunapee
         Camp Interlaken
  • Cemeteries
  • Census - Population
  • Churches
        Area Choir
         Methodist - George's Mills
        Methodist - Lower Village
         North Meeting - Union Church
         St. James Episcopal
         St. Joachim Catholic
         South Meeting
  • Civic Groups
         Crescent Rebeckahs
         I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows)
         Lake Grange
         Sunapee Gardeners
         Sunapee Improvement Society
         Sunapee Seniors
         Sunapee Women's Club
  • Clock Museum
  • Colby Academy
  • Collection
         Agricultural Tools
         Alexander Rakes
         Art & Artists
         Burkehaven Post Office
         Dug-Out Canoe
         Hot Air Pump
         Machine Shop
         Magic Lantern
         Milk Wagon
         Oil Lamp
         Rowing Skull
  • Covered Bridges
  • D
  • Developments
         Brown's Hill
         Fisher's Bay
  • E
  • Exhibits
  • F
  • Fairie Queen
  • Fairs
         Lake Grange Fairs 1940s
         Old Home Day 1987
  • Fire Department
  • Fish
         Fish Hatchery
  • Forestry
  • Freedom Acres
  • G
  • Garages
  • George's Mills
  • Great Island
  • H
  • Halls
         Odd Fellows Hall
         Pike's Hall - Larry's Playhouse
         Owl Theater
         Van Casino
  • Historical Society Museum
  • History - Sunapee
         Histories by Students 1980's
         History by Sturoc 1886
         History Chronology 1881 - 1937
         History of Saville
  • Hobo Shack
  • Home Economics
  • Hotels
         Balsam Grove Cottages
         Bee Croft Inn
         Ben Mere Inn
         Burkehaven Hotel - Lake View
         Cedar Side Lodge
         Chase's - Holmes House
         Clearwater Inn
         Conrad Manor - Pleasant Home
         Crandlemere Cabins
         Dexter's Inn
         Elm Lodge
         Four Season's - Prospect House
         Harbor Hotel - Guelma
         Hutton's Cabins
         Grandview Hotel
         Indian Cave Lodge & Cabins
         Lake Shore House
         Lakeside Lodge - N.L.
         Lake View House
         Long View Terrace
         Outlook Hotel
         Pine Croft Lodge & Cabins
         Runal's House
         Russell's Inn
         Seminole Point Lodge
         Soo-Nipi Lodge
         Straw Cottage
         Stone End Lodge
         Summer Rest
         Trow Rico Cabins
         Whispering Pines Lodge & Cabins
         White Shutters Lodge & Cabins
         Wild Goose Lodge - Newbury
         Yverdun Inn
  • Houses
         Blodgett's Landing
         George's Mills
         Lake Shore
         North Sunapee
         South Sunapee - Wendell
         Village Lower
         Village Upper

I - R

  • I
  • Ice
         Ice Cutting
         Ice Houses
         Ice Out Dates
  • Indians
         Indians' Cave
         Indian Statue
  • Industry
         Brampton Woolen Mill
         Emerson Paper Company
         Hame Works
         Globe Wrench Company
         Lake Sun Power Company
         Lake Sun Pulp Mill
         Saw Mills - Rowell
         Shingle Mill - Holmes
         Shoe Shop
         Smith Machine Company
         Trow Mill
  • Information Booth
  • J
  • Jury Books
  • K
  • L
  • Lake Sunapee
         L. S. Boat Launch
         L. S. Business Association
         L. S. Dock Construction
         L. S. Harbor Views
         L. S. Herrick Cove Views
         L. S. Panoramas
         L. S. Protective Association
         L. S. Sailing Center
         L. S. Spiritualist Association
         L. S. Yacht Club
  • League of NH Craftsmen
  • Ledge Pond
  • Lighthouses
  • Liveries
         Flanders Livery - SHS Museum
         Harbor House Livery - Old Town Hall
  • M
  • Maps
  • Marinas
         Burkehaven Boat Works
         Cole's Marine
         Osborne's Marine
  • Memorial Day
  • Military
         World War I
         World War II
  • Mt. Kearsarge
  • Mt. Sunapee
         Mt. Sunapee Ski Area
         Mt. Sunapee State Park
         Mt. Sunapee State Beach
  • Mountain View Lake - Spec. Pond
  • Municipal
         Master Plan
         Town Meetings
         Water System
  • N
  • Negatives
  • Newbury
  • New Hampshire
  • New London
         New London Hospital
  • Newport
         Carrie Wright Hospital
  • Newspapers
  • Northern Pass
  • Nursing Association
  • O
  • Old Documents
  • Otter Pond
  • P
  • Parades
         Sestercentennial 150th 1918
  • Parks
         Coffin Park
         Dewey Woods
         Hames Park
         Osborne Reflecting Pool
         River Walk
         Tilton Park
  • Performances
         Band Concerts
         Beginner's Showcase
         Lake Sun Playhouse
         New London Playhouse
         Time Travelers
         Women's Club Productions
  • Perkins Pond
  • Pete's Shed
  • Photographers
         Brown, Hobart Jefferson
         Butterfield, David W.
         Chickering, E.
         Hill, Joseph
         Warren, James B.
  • Poetry
  • Police
  • Politics
  • Post Offices
  • Q
  • Quarries
  • R
  • Races
         Bicycle Races
         Canoe Races
         Marathon Swim Races
         Newbury Ice Races
  • Railroads
         B & M - Sugar River RR
         Edgemont Station
         Lake Station
         Newbury Cut
         Wendell Depot
  • Recreation
         Bowling Alleys
         Dewey Beach
         George's Mills Beach
         Memorial Field
         Rec Committee
         Ski Tow Hill
  • Regatta
         Lake Sunapee Regatta Association
  • Restaurants
         Anchorage - Morgan's
         Ben Mere Grille
         Cheshire Cat Tea Room
         Day Dawn Cafe - Harborside Grille
         Harrison Lunch
         Indian Tree Tea Room
         Oaken Bucket Tea Room
         Seven Hearth's Inn
         Woodbine Cottage - Poll Parrot Tea
  • Roads
         Road Roller
         Snow Rollers
  • Roosevelt, Teddy Visit

S - Z

  • S
  • Schools
         Central School 1902
         Central School 1928
         Middle-High School
         One-Room School Houses
         Class Photos
         Sports Teams
  • Stage Coaches
  • Stanley Steamer
  • Stores
         Almeder's - Davis Store
         Brooks - Russells Store
         Burkehaven Store - Morgans
         Community Store - Knowltons
         Gardner's Store
         Keyser's Store - Sutton
         Knowlton Block Shops
         Russell's - Winters - Towsleys
         IGA - N.P. Baker's Store
         Tin Shop - Laskey's
  • Sugar River
  • Sunapee
         Sun - Bicentennial 1968
         Sun Harbor Riverway Corp.
         Sun Mutual Insurance Co.
         Sun Sestercentennial 1918
         Sun Sestercentennial 2018
  • T
  • Telephone
  • Tenaments
  • Theater Curtain
  • Tontine
  • Tourism
  • V
  • Village Views - Lower
         Cooper Square
  • Village Views - Upper
         Post Office Square
  • W
  • Water Shed
  • Water Skiing
         Water Ski School & Shows
  • Weather
         Eclipse 1932
         Hurricane 1938
  • Wendell Marsh
  • Y
  • YMCA Boys Pioneer Club

Sunapee Families

Contact SHS for more information about these Sunapee families.


A       Aaron, Abbott, Abendschein, Achilles, Ahlgren, Alexander, Almeder, Anthony,           Anderson, Andler, Andrews, Angell, Atwood, Austin, Avery

B        Bacher, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Bartlett, Barnes, Batchelder, Benoit, Bateman, Bean,           Beckwith, Bessey, Bickford, Billings, Bissell, Blaisdell, Blodgett, Blakely, Bliss, Blood,           Bonner, Bowles, Boyce, Breeding, Breen, Britton, Brockway, Brown, Burdett,           Burke, Burns, Burrington, Bush, Buswell

C       Caldwell, Calkins, Carley, Chambers, Chandler, Chaplin, Chase, Clark,           Cleveland, Clem, Clossey, Clough, Cloutier, Coffin, Colby, Cole, Collins, Conrad,           Coonley, Cooper, Couitt, Cowles, Cox, Craddock, Cressy, Cronin, Crook, Cross,           Croteau, Crowther, Currier, Cutter, Cutting, Cutts

D       Dana, Dane, Dashner, Davies, Davis, Dewey, Dey, Dexter, Dodge, Donigan,           Doxter, Dudley, Dunbar, Dunning, Dwight, Dyer

E        Eaton, Eastman, Edes, Eldredge, Emery, Emerson, Epremian

F        Fadden, Faelton, Felch, Ferris, Fisher, Fitts, Flanders, Fletcher, Flewelling, Foote,           Fortier, Fortune, French, Furman

G       Gale, Gage, Gallup, Galucia, Gamash, Gambel, Gamsby, Gardner, George,           Gingras, Gilchrist, Gordon, Goss, Gouberrt, Gould, Goyette, Graf, Grassi, Gray,           Griffin, Goff

H       Haddock, Halsted, Hancox, Hand, Handley, Hanson, Hargbol, Hartt, Hastings,           Hathaway, Hause, Haven, Hay, Hendee, Henley, Hilkemeier, Hill, Hitchcock,           Hodges, Hollander, Hollis, Holmes, Holt, Holton, Hopkins, Howard, Howe,           Hubbard, Huff, Huntoon, Hurd, Hurley, Hutton

I-J     Ingalls, Irwin, Ivey, Jones, Johnson, Jordan, Josephs

K        Kaegi, Kancer, Katz, Kempton, Kimball, King, Kingsley, Kluge, Knowlton, Kober

L          Labombard, Lamb, Lammert, Lanard, Laro, Larrabee, Latimer, Leach, Lean,             Lear, Leavitt, Lee, Leone, Levenworth, Lewis, Licht, Lofquist, Lyons

M         MacDonald, MacIntosh, MacWilliams, Mark, Marston, Martin, McCann, McCrillis,              Meachem, Merrill, Miller, Montgomery, Morgan, Morse, Moulton, Munro,              Murchie, Mustard, Muzzey

N          Nagle, Nazarian, Nelson, Newhall, Nilsen, Nodine, Nolin, Norris, Nourse, Noyes,              Nutting

O          Obey, Ogilvy, Ollsson, Osborne, Osgood, Owens

P-Q     Page, Paige, Paul, Perkins, Philips, Pike, Pillsbury, Pollard, Pomeroy, Poor, Porat,              Powell, Powers, Pratt, Putnam, Putonen, Quackenbos, Quinlan

R           Ramspot, Redding, Reddington, Reed, Richards, Riegger, Roach, Robertson,              Roby, Rollins, Rooney, Roper, Ross, Rowell, Ruffle, Ruger, Ruggles, Runals,              Russell, Ryder

S           Sanborn, Sanger, Sargent, Sawyer, Schauffler, Schrader, Scheffield, Shephard,               Sherburne, Sischo, Skelley, Skinner, Slade, Slattery, Sleeper, Smart, Smith,               Spillane, Spofford, Stanley, Stetson, Stickney, Stocker, Stone, Stowell, Sturoc,               Sturtevant, Sullivan

T-V      Tallarico, Tappenbeck, Taylor, Temple, Thurber, Tilson, Tomplins, Trow, Tucker,               Tuttle, Tyler, Upham, Vail, Vaill, Van, Vernlund, Vigneault

W          Wackerhagen, Wadsworth, Wagner, Weathers, Webb, Weigle, Weiss, Welsh,               Werry, Weyburn, Whipple, White, Whitemore, Whitney, Wiegand, Wiggins,               Wilkie, Willis, Winter, Woodruff, Woodsum, Woodward, Wooster, Wright,               Wyman

X-Z       Yardley, Young